The Story

The Story Behind The Brand

La Rose de Sim is about nostalgia. It is a celebration of love; that of Simon "Sim" and his beautiful beloved Marie Rose "Rose", whose love blossomed in the early seventies, Lebanon's golden age. After their passing, their son decided to eternalize their love by launching a lifestyle concept that commemorates their joyful, perpetually young spirit during the golden years.

And so La Rose de Sim was born, and with it a need to revive Lebanon's glorious past where authenticity, optimism and love of life reigned. Today, La Rose de Sim is a design concept inspired by loyalty to the roots and to one's heritage, a concept that can adapt to any art form, from object to space design. It currently reflects in hand-crafted handbags, purses and clutches in addition to unique jewelry pieces, most of which are gold-plated and set with semi-precious agate stones.

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our past is what makes us who we are, today, and paves the way to a better future. Our mission is to celebrate all past and beautiful things through nostalgic statement pieces that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also locally relevant and prideful to wear.


"La Rose de Sim" aims to become a multinational concept, with millions of customers from around the globe wearing its signature pieces, as a prideful mark of their identify, roots and heritage while honoring a universal past where craftsmanship and handmade quality were appreciated.



We have an insatiable longing for what was once beautiful, inspirational and memorable. Just as we celebrate today's achievements, we commemorate yesterday's precious moments.


We're an authentic and proud brand, that walks the talk: we use genuine leather and premium materials; handcraft every piece; work in a traditional workshop; and display our creations in a vintage-style showroom.


We are messengers with a clear mission: to encourage people, wherever they might be around the world, to pride on their past, roots and identity, and work on safeguarding their old and new heritage.


Our brand is a universal DESIGN CONCEPT. It's alive and can be customized to fit EVERY CULTURE & EVERY NATION

The Concept Creator

Raja Habache

Rajaa Habache enjoys an innate flair for fashion, taste, and beauty. Rajaa's mother was the first to spot her son's talent, and slowly became his muse, helping him polish his business and creative skills.

While pursuing a BA Degree in Advertising & Marketing, the young apprentice gradually immersed himself into the fashion business, styling trend seekers among his friends and social circle, and learning the industry's tricks and gimmicks. Resourceful and handy by instinct, Rajaa started developing his business by opening a large workshop where, assisted by skilled tailors and designers, he began producing signature fashion accessories that instantly became successful.

Yet Rajaa's rise to fame was not all rosy. Fate would have it that the emerging entrepreneur would lose his cherished parents in tragic circumstances, robbing him of both his inspiration and aspiration for years.

But just like all other artistic minds, Rajaa learned how to transform his grief into a creative force while looking at his parents' valuables. He became possessed with the idea of bringing his parent's joyful spirit to life: their memories of a beautiful Lebanon, their fashion trends and their laughs, all through a scent of a golden past, a design concept that he dubbed "La Rose de Sim", in tribute to his parents.

And Rajaa found his eternal muse again: his roots, those who never die but grow stronger inside of us. The young phoenix rose with a widely acclaimed brand that became an iconic stamp for celebrated nostalgia through handmade fashion accessories and jewelry that speak of Rajaa's pride in his legacy.